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At DWP, we take the “production” out of production, specializing in close, collaborative relationships with our clients and an expert ability to put people at ease in front of the camera. DWP provides senior-level attention for all clients and projects, ensuring speed and flexibility to complete projects often ahead of schedule and always on budget.

We get it, so you don’t have to.

DW bw 2022.jpg

This is Diane. She produces, directs, shoots and edits all the company's projects, assuring a fresh, responsive and creative approach to each video. It's all about the art of the story. And hockey.

Co-Producer Carmy Greenwood knows exactly what questions to ask, helping clients sharpen their messsage. She uses her extensive education experience to write brilliant scripts. So brilliant in fact, she needs sunglasses.

Carmy helps clients focus on the message.
Beatrice is a brilliant lighing designer.

Beatrice Queral is French. She has really good taste and applies that to each and every scene. She uses her background in commercial photography to artistically paint each shot with beautiful light.

Andrea Jones is also a photographer. And a rower. And a former division fire chief. She always knows someone in the restaurant when we go out to dinner.

Andrea can do it all on a set!
David cropped.jpg

David Miguel Fermin-Monagas can do it all - camera, audio, photo, lighting, speaking Spanish, and just being cool. He is also an expert massage therapist.

Alycia Malicz is a super talented graphic designer and art director. She is original and creative. As you can see, she is also a knitter.

Zach knows motion graphics!
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